DNA-X 2015 Backyard Edition: Range Rover Sport Diesel

Thanks to Land Rover Palm Beach, the Discover North America Expedition Crew recently had the opportunity to “borrow” a new Range Rover Diesel Sport for 48 hours! We did not think a drive to the mall or the beach was sufficient to exercise such a capable vehicle so we went off the beaten track to discover some local treasures.
LRD2- Land Rover Palm Beach- Range Rover Sport Diesel

When you get tired of sitting in South Florida traffic remember that not so far away another world is right over that condo. Straddling the Martin and Palm Beach County line is the Dupuis Wildlife and Environmental Area. Enter off of SR 76 west of Stuart. These 22,000 acres are being restored to the original hydrology and the varied habitat supports deer, hog, turkey, bald eagles and other wildlife. Birding is a popular activity here. A dirt road leads you 7.5 miles past hiking trails, campsites and wetlands until you reach Shell Lake and its fishing pier. It’s peaceful and un-crowded.The Coyles explore J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in Palm Beach County, FL in the all-new Range Rover Sport diesel.

Further south is the 60,000 plus acre wildlife rich J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. The north and south entrances can be accessed from SR 710/Beeline Highway and Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, respectively. For thousands of years, Native Americans lived here building ceremonial and burial mounds. Two significant archeological sites have been discovered along with canals, middens, ponds and other earthworks. In recent history, Seminole Indians from Georgia and Alabama sought refuge from the U.S. Army in Hungryland Slough until starvation forced them to surrender. Local ranchers referred to this area as the Hungryland. The 1960’s saw a frenzy of canal digging that forever changed the water flow to the Everglades and east to the coast. Efforts are underway to undo the bad and restore the good.

The Coyles explore J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area in Palm Beach County, FL in the all-new Range Rover Sport diesel.

So how did the Diesel Sport do? Granted these roads were not too challenging but we did find a little mud and ruts, of course this was not even noticed by the Sport. Comfort, fit and finish was all top notch. The real star however is the new Turbo Diesel with impressive fuel economy! Besides being frugal with the fuel the Diesel Sport is more than peppy, providing fast, quiet acceleration. What’s not to like? Maybe we could “borrow” one for a few more days…where do we go next?!


Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover and in the Palm Beach Post.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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DNA-X 2014 # 10 From Sea to Scorched…

Yaquina lite-landroverpalmbeachblog

The DNA-X crew pushed west, through the lush forests of Oregon to the coast. We landed at the beach in Newport and checked into a hotel. Though the room was small the view of the beach was expansive.  There’s lots to do here; start the day with a long walk on the beach then visit Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area where Oregon’s tallest lighthouse keeps watch from a volcanic outcropping. Explore Cobble Beach below the light where the rounded lava rocks make a wonderful gurgling sound with each wave. Head to town for lunch where the area’s fishing fleets bring their catch and local restaurants serve it up. Later, head to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to see first class exhibits on the Pacific Ocean’s residents.

sea stacks in OR-landroverpalmbeachblog

We wandered north up the Pacific Coast Highway snaking our way between mountains and sheer cliffs detouring along the Three Capes Scenic Drive. This loop takes you through several state parks ending at Cape Meares for a spectacular view of sea stacks, pillar-like blocks of rock isolated from the land by erosion as well as some of Oregon’s last old growth forest. Unfortunately, all along this coast are large sections of clear-cut forests, bald mountaintops and no more forest giants. The enormous Sitka spruces and Douglas Furs that can grow taller than 300 feet have been extensively logged for decades. The state is trying to protect the remaining stands for future generations to enjoy.

Pip, our co-pilot who is in charge of finding a course for this adventure, got out his dart and aimed at Washington State. In a blur, the dart whizzed by us and stuck into the map on an island off the coast of Seattle. Captain Jay steered Blue on a course to Bainbridge Island. Surrounded by Puget Sound, Bainbridge is a peaceful settlement with several parks, beaches and trails wandering through tall evergreen forests. We found a bed at the Inn at Pleasant Beach conveniently located a few steps away from a great restaurant.

We could see Olympic National Park from the inn and since the weather was good we drove the two hours to have a day in the park. This is not enough time to even scratch the surface of this amazing park. Centered in the middle of the Olympic Peninsula, this park has over one million acres of just about everything! Coastline, forests, mountains, glaciers, untamed rivers and animals and plants found nowhere else. There are no roads through the park so access is via a perimeter road that circles the park with spur roads leading into various points. We drove the winding road up to the top of Hurricane Ridge to catch the view of Mt Olympus and the other glacier topped peaks. To get closer the only option is hiking in.

MT St Helens-landroverpalmbeachblogSpirit Lake-landroverpalmbeachblog Mt St Helens forest-landroverpalmbeachblogThe next day we noticed our weather window was closing. We eyeballed the map to see if we could pull off a drive to see a special place we had long talked about. Let’s do it! It was now or never. We had to backtrack a little but the destination was worth it. Four hours later we entered a desolate landscape. On May 18th, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted with the power equal to the force of a 10-megaton nuclear explosion. The explosion triggered a massive landslide and propelled a lateral blast of searing, 400-degree hot gas, pumice and ash at a blinding 300 miles per hour. The heat melted Helen’s glaciers creating deadly mudslides flowing 90 miles per hour in all directions. Virtually every living thing within 230 square miles was destroyed. 57 people died. Spirit Lake, which sits below the volcano, was turned into a boiling broth with avalanche generated 850-foot waves dragging tens of thousands of trees into the soup. Millions of tons of ash settled over 7 states and shut down I90 for a week amongst other things. Even now, 35 years later, the landscape is just beginning to recover. Mount St. Helens remains restless, still considered the most active and dangerous volcano in the US. Inside the crater she continues to emit steam while forming a new lava dome and oddly, the world’s newest glacier. It was a sobering reminder of how powerful and unpredictable the Ring of Fire can be.

Our route to the next hotel took us north through Mount Rainier National Park. The clouds lowered and we caught a glimpse of stunning Rainier, the largest and most glaciated volcano in the Cascades. We will have to visit again when the sun shines. It’s now time to head east and say goodbye to the sleeping giants and lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. Pip? Get the dart please…


Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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Land Rover Milestone: 2 Millionth Land Rover Defender

Solihull- In May 2015 a group of very special guests to the Land Rover Solihull plant assisted in building the 2 Millionth Land Rover Defender. The unique “Defender 2,000,000”   a chart of Red Wharf Bay (where the design for the original Land Rover was first drawn in the sand), an Indus Silver satin paint, as well as Santorini Black wheels and wheel arches, roof, door hinges, grille and mirror caps.

Built in Solihull: the 2,000,000 Land Rover Defender.

Built in Solihull: the 2,000,000 Land Rover Defender.

A badge is placed at the rear of the vehicle and on the interior console to mark the 2,000,000 vehicle. Inside, the leather seats also feature the “Red Wharf Bay” graphic and  logos stitched on the headrests.

An additional special touch on this milestone vehicle includes a plaque with each special guest helpers signature.

Special Guest Builders:
Theo Paphitis- Entrepenuer
Invicitus Games Competitors- JJ Chalmers, Dave Henson, Luke Darlington and Paul Vice
Dr. Ralph Speth- CEO of Jaguar Land Rover
Virginia McKenna Obe- Actress and Founder of the Born Free Foundation
Will Tavers Obe- President of the Born Free Foundation
Bear Grylls- Adventurer
Tim Slessor- Crew Member of the First Overland Expedition 1955
Monty Halls- Marine Biologist & Conservationist
Stephen & Nick Wilkes- Sons of Maurice and Spencer Wilks who designed and created the first ever Land Rover.
Nick Rogers-Director of Group Engineering, Land Rover
Mike Adamson & Joelle Tanguy- Chief Executive of the British Red Cross and Under Secretary, International Federation of Red Cross
Adam Volkaerts-Operations Director Jaguar Land Rover Solihull
Roger Crathorne- ‘Mr. Land Rover’ Highly respected Land Rover employee & driving instructor for over 5 decades.
Adam Henson- TV Presenter and Land Rover UK Ambassador
Robert Brooks- Chairman of Bonhams auction house
Commander Stephen Higman- Captain of the HMS Defender

The 2,000,000 iconic Defender will be auctioned off  at Bonhams, London December 2015. Funds from the sale of this vehicle will go to Land Rover supported charities, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Born Free Foundation.

DNA-X 2015 #9 The Ring of Fire…

After our Idaho adventure, Pip (our co-pilot) pulled out the map and his dart to randomly select our next stop. He aimed west and launched it. Like a lost missile, it sailed across the high desert of eastern Oregon, a barren land, rocky and sparsely inhabited. Blue followed the missile’s direction for hours. Where are we going?

Weaving along the lonely road we stop at the only gas station we find. “Malfunction Junction” the sign reads, and an old codger emerges from a ramshackle house. “What can I do fur ya?” he asks eyeing Blue suspiciously. “Do you have any gas?” Captain Jay asks as he studies the ancient gas pumps. “Only high test” says the man and the Captain and Blue are now happy! A dusty pickup truck pulls up and the driver swaggers into the house which apparently is also the only bar for miles. You make a living however you can out here. On we go until suddenly out of the desert and over a hill, a small city reveals itself. The towering, snow capped Cascade Range looms beyond while vast national forests conceal other treasures.

Bend Pilot mt- The Coyles Discover North America Expedition

We land with the dart in Bend, Oregon and pull into the Oxford Hotel. A welcoming staff makes us feel right at home. Although the hotel is small the service and charm are big! The doorman helps us unload and spots our guitar. “You won’t need that here” he says, “Every room comes with its own Breedlove guitar!” This is a first! We discover that Bend is Breedlove’s hometown where they build exceptional guitars. The town is surprisingly upscale and trendy with many shops and restaurants. The beautiful Deschutes River cascades through town and all around are well-maintained parks, trails and bike paths for everyone to enjoy. This is a great base to explore an amazing area. Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring Of Fire, an active volcanic fault zone, Bend actually has an extinct volcano in the city limits, Pilot Butte. This State Park is a good spot to get our bearings and we drive to the top where in the west, we can see the dramatic Cascade Range that runs from northern California to southern British Columbia. To the east we see the desert we just drove across.

Cascades and lake- The Coyles Discover North America Expedition

Bend is an outdoor activity paradise! To get a feel for the area we head for the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway just south of town. This 66-mile historic highway winds past alpine lakes, through a variety of landscapes and national forest. Stop and hike one of the many trails or enjoy water sports on one of the crystal clear lakes.

Not far from the Byway is the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. It was becoming abundantly clear that this region has had a very violent past and could

just as easily have an explosive future! Lakes, lava flows and bizarre geologic formations flank the immense, dormant Newberry volcano that is the size of Rhode Island! Long ago the center collapsed leaving a caldera now filled with two lakes.

We take the rocky, one lane dirt road with blind corners, no guardrails etc. to the top of Newberry. Seems like we always find that kind of road but Blue doesn’t bat a headlight! The peak tops out at 7,984 feet and looks out over Paulina and East Lake(s) that fill the caldera. Amazing views in all directions can be enjoyed from here! Back at the lower elevations, we visit the Lava Lands Visitor Center and hike the Lava Cast Forest where ghostly remains of trees swallowed up by lava left casts of their former shapes. Stranger still is the nearby Big Obsidian Flow where obsidian and pumice are piled high in a massive glass extrusion.

Crater Lake NP- The Coyles Discover North America Expedition

Perhaps Oregon’s most famous park is a little further south from Bend. Once covered with glaciers and rising to12,000 feet, Mount Mazama exploded in a violent eruption over 7000 years ago. Evidence suggests Native Americans witnessed this event and the subsequent collapse of the volcano leaving a deep basin now filled with pure rainwater and snow. Crater Lake, our nation’s deepest lake, is the main focal point of Crater Lake National Park. Take time to explore the Rim Drive to enjoy the deep blue clear waters and views of another volcano, Wizard Island, which has surfaced from depths of the lake.  Both Mazama and Wizard are just resting for now…


All this talk of lava, explosions, sleeping giants had us a little uneasy. We decided to venture to the west side of the Cascades to calm our nerves in Oregon’s wine country. Along the way we stopped by the Evergreen Museum, an aviation museum filled with vintage and modern planes. This is worth a stop as the carefully restored Spruce Goose; Howard Hughes enormous flying boat is here.

Spruce Goose- The Coyles Discover North America Expedition


Oregon makes some great wines and their Pinot Noir vintages are the best known. We pulled into a nice hotel by a vineyard where a Napa Valley feel greeted us.  In the chic restaurant, a screaming child next to us cast a deafening pall over the romantic atmosphere.  A pompous waiter handed us a lengthy wine menu and tried to interest us in the most expensive wine. Uninterested, we ordered a less pricy vintage and he spiraled into a hissy fit.  He assured us the certified wine measuring scale would dole out the specified 2 &1/2 (?!) ounces with accuracy.  Captain Jay asked if that was something like a truck scale? We wondered if there was a wine shortage around here? The waiter raised his nose and went off in a hoity-toity huff. He returned 15 minutes later with a thimble sized portion of wine- price $18.00 a glass! It’s cheaper to buy a bottle in Florida!  This would never fly in Napa or anywhere where the idea is for you to enjoy the wine so you buy more, not to send you into cardiac arrest! So wine aficionados do enjoy the wonderful wine but you might want to check prices first.

We had more exploring to do in beautiful Oregon. We did keep our eyes peeled for any evidence of the famous Bigfoot. So far, we only found some wooden replicas. Pip had no interest in seeing one of these creatures and retreated to his “burrow” (glove box) for safety. The west side of the Cascades has dark, lush forests, rushing rivers, gigantic spruce and fir trees festooned with shawls of moss and lichens, perfect for Bigfoot…


Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography Announced

2015 Range Rover SVAutobiography Land Rover Palm Beach


− New flagship Range Rover SVAutobiography debuts at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, delivering enhanced design sophistication and craftsmanship
− SVAutobiography replaces the Autobiography Black at the top of the Range Rover line-up
− SVAutobiography exclusively produced by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations
− Features a 550hp Supercharged V8 engine specially tuned for SVAutobiography paired with a sophisticated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission
− Distinctive Dual-Tone paint available for the first time, complementing a bespoke interior
− New technology features also announced for entire Range Rover line- up
− SVAutobiography pricing starts at $199,495
− Full 2016 Range Rover line-up on sale Fall, 2015

(MAHWAH, N.J.) – March 29, 2015 – Land Rover will unveil the Range Rover SVAutobiography at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, adding elevated luxury, design sophistication and performance to the flagship model line.

Speaking ahead of the model’s world premiere in New York, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern stated, “With the SVAutobiography we have taken the opportunity to optimize the luxury execution and precision of the Range Rover while delivering beautiful detailing that considerably enhances the customer’s experience of our flagship vehicle.”

Exclusively crafted at the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Technical Center in the UK, SVAutobiography features unique exterior design enhancements, an exclusive premium leather interior with unique trim finishes and a 550hp 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine. As a result, the SVAutobiography is the most luxurious and powerful series-production Range Rover in the model’s successful 45-year history.

John Edwards, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said, “Range Rover originally defined the luxury SUV segment and the new SVAutobiography, developed by Special Vehicle Operations, takes Range Rover to another level of comfort, craftsmanship and refinement.”
Replacing the Autobiography Black at the top of the Range Rover line-up, SVAutobiography is available with a powerful 550hp supercharged V8 engine. Shared with the Range Rover Sport SVR, and tuned specifically for the SVAutobiography, this potent engine produces an outstanding 550hp and 502lb. ft. of torque. Despite noticeable increases of 40hp and 41lb. ft. respectively, compared with existing supercharged V8 Range Rover derivatives, efficiency remains unchanged.

The key to the increase in performance of the SVAutobiography is the optimization of the Bosch engine management system and retuning of the Roots-type twin vortex supercharger’s electronic bypass valve, to increase maximum available boost pressure during high-performance driving.
With maximum torque available at 3,500rpm and a smooth and sophisticated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, the SVAutobiography provides a breath-taking blend of performance, in-gear flexibility and refinement. The ZF eight-speed automatic transmission continues to offer seamless gear changes and an adaptive-shift logic that intelligently adjusts to driver behavior. The advanced transmission can also be controlled via the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifts, ensuring the perfect combination of refinement and driver engagement.

A new exhaust system with distinctive quad polished chrome tailpipes ensures optimal flow rates and a subtly enriched engine note for this performance-oriented luxury model.

The 550hp engine has been engineered and optimized for unparalleled comfort and refinement, and features Brembo front brake calipers in gloss black finish.

Customers of the Range Rover SVAutobiography are able to specify a unique Dual-tone body color option. The combination of Santorini Black upper body and nine color choices for the lower body create true distinction and individualism.

The 2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography features unique hood lettering and the tailgate is adorned with new SVAutobiography badging. A new front grille is finished in distinctive Graphite Atlas and polished chrome, furthering its visual differentiation.

Much of the vehicle’s controls, including the start-stop surround, rotary gear selector and pedals are machined from solid aluminum with beautiful knurled details. This detailing continues to both the front and rear center consoles, with distinctive materials for the cup holder and socket covers. New armrest adjuster knobs feature a similar level of machined detailing.

Rear-seat passengers relax in luxurious seating complete with a beverage chiller compartment and powered deployable tables. Solid aluminum coat hooks are incorporated into the rear pillars while, on the floor, aluminum seat rail finishers and deep twist pile mohair carpet mats complete the of sumptuous luxury environment.

A polished SVAutobiography key fob with knurled finish adds the finishing touch.

In the rear compartment, the SVAutobiography offers the option of a sliding luggage floor. Made from beautifully crafted aluminum and a choice of wood veneer options, the floor slides rearwards to optimize ease of use for loading and unloading.

2016 Model Year Range Rover line-up

Complementing the introduction of SVAutobiography, a comprehensive suite of revisions will be available for the 2016 Range Rover line-up, underlining its status as the ultimate luxury SUV. Key updates extend to a more powerful V6 engine and turbodiesel options for the HSE model, all-new convenience features including a Gesture Tailgate, Automatic Access Height, improved Surround Camera System and enhanced smartphone connectivity with a revised suite of Land Rover InControlTM technologies.

New for the 2016 Range Rover HSE is a 380hp supercharged V6 engine. Building on the all-aluminum 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine, with its laser-drilled injectors, two-stage oil pump and diamond-like coating for pistons and gudgeon pins, Land Rover engineers have carried out detailed calibration changes to achieve extra power for the 2016 model year. A potent 380hp, increased by 40hp over the previous version is the result.
With maximum torque available at 3500rpm and a broad power band, the new 380hp supercharged V6 provides effortless in-gear acceleration coupled with outstanding levels of refinement.
A turbodiesel Range Rover HSE will be available in North America for the first time as part of the 2016 model year enhancements. Featuring a single turbocharger, Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (LPEGR) and a two- stage oil pump to reduce losses, the 3.0-liter Range Rover Td6 engine offers a powerful 254hp and 28mpg highway, providing excellent performance, reduced running costs and an exceptional cruising range of up to 658miles (Highway) for maximum convenience. Peak torque of 440lb. ft. is available at just 1,750rpm to ensure effortless in-gear acceleration and the capability to tow up to 7,716lbs (3500kg) with exceptional flexibility.

A Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to reduce NOx emissions, ensuring the Td6 achieves US LEV 3 status. The DEF is injected into the exhaust and, as the resulting mixture passes through the SCR, NOx is turned into harmless nitrogen gas.
In addition to the cleansing efficiency of the SCR, every aspect of the Td6 engine has been optimized to ensure emissions are as low as possible. This includes the new Low Pressure EGR system which has been critical to success of Td6 emission ratings and further improves fuel economy.
All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) makes the world-renowned off-road capability of the Range Rover more accessible. Operational from 1.1mph to 19mph (1.8km/h to 30km/h) in forward and reverse gears, ATPC allows an ultra-low creep speed to be set using the steering wheel-mounted cruise-control interface when stationary or when the vehicle is in motion2. This allows the driver to concentrate purely on steering the vehicle over and around obstacles, while it maintains a constant speed that may otherwise be difficult to achieve over very challenging terrain. By reducing driver distractions and optimizing traction in this way, ATPC enhances off-road capability and safety. ATPC can be overridden by simply pressing the brake or accelerator.

The new Surround Camera System2 provides improved clarity, creating sharper and clearer images on the central touchscreen display. A network of four cameras positioned in both front and rear bumpers and the side mirrors crisply relays the vehicle’s surroundings to the driver for maximum safety and convenience. The reverse camera automatically displays the view behind the vehicle when reverse gear is engaged; when surround view is selected; the images from each camera combine to create an overhead view of the vehicle.

A standard rear-camera wash system operates in conjunction with the rear window wash function to improve visibility in inclement weather.
The standard Hands-Free Gesture Tailgate integrates hands-free functionally to the powered electric tailgate. Vehicle owners will simply have to point a foot under either rear corner of the vehicle to gain access into the luggage area. The proximity sensors are located to the sides of the rear bumper rather than the center, allowing the tailgate to be conveniently operated from the curb. This feature is also fully compatible with a tow bar, so the exceptional 7,716lbs towing capacity of the Range Rover is uncompromised.

For the 2016 model year, the driver-adjustable access height function becomes fully automated. The Automatic Access Height system automatically lowers the vehicle’s air suspension once the transmission is placed in Park (P), for improved entry and exit into the vehicle.

When the ignition is switched off or the driver’s seatbelt is removed, the vehicle automatically lowers by 1.4in (35mm) to aid entry and exit. Should any door handle be activated, the height decreases by an additional 0.6in (15mm) for enhanced convenience. The total time from switching the ignition off or removing the seatbelt to achieving a maximum ride height reduction of 2in (50mm) is three seconds. The vehicle automatically returns to its optimized ride height at a speed of 9mph (15km/h).

The suite of Land Rover InControl® connected-car technologies continues to expand for 2016, with advanced new standard features.
InControl® RemoteTM allows drivers to remotely activate vehicle systems using a smartphone app. Functions include:

– Remote Lock/Unlock enables owners to verify the vehicle’s status, and lock or unlock the doors as desired
– Remote Alarm Reset sends a smartphone alert if the vehicle alarm is sounding, and provides the option to remotely reset if required
– Remote Beep and Flash helps to locate the vehicle in a busy parking lot by flashing its lights and sounding discreet alarm pips
– Remote Engine Start allows owners to bring the cabin to a pre-set temperature using the climate control system

InControl® ProtectTM can connect the driver with Roadside Assistance through the simple push of a button or can automatically call emergency services and notify them of the vehicle’s location should the airbags deploy. InControl® RemoteTM & ProtectTM are subscription based services, which are complimentary during the new vehicle warranty period.

InControl® AppsTM allows smartphone users to seamlessly access and control compatible third party apps stored on their device through the vehicle’s touchscreen.

The Range Rover SVAutobiography, along with the updated Range Rover 2016 Model Year line-up, will be on sale Fall, 2015.

DNA-X 2014 #8 Mystery-Detour…

After Blue’s superb handling of the wet and wild Wyoming Safari, Captain Jay reviewed her service log. What? She missed a service before we started this expedition?! Knowing we were not even at the half way point led to an urgent scan for the nearest Land Rover Dealer. Could there be one near Jackson, WY? Turns out the nearest one, five hours in the wrong direction, is in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had been curious about scenic SLC so maybe we could accomplish two things at once? After all, this is the Mystery Tour…

We pull into SLC, locate our hotel and time how long it takes to get to the dealer for the early morning appointment. Now we have some time to explore the area before dinner. We head downtown where the imposing white-walled Mormon Salt Lake Temple takes center stage in the city. The city seems small, sprawling along the base of the Wasatch Range.

As we head along the shores of the Great Salt Lake, we find something we never expected – I count a staggering five oil refineries spewing multitudes of pollutants into the city sky. What are they doing here? What do the 191,000 residents think about this? Apparently not much since we discovered that SLC is renowned for having some of the worst air pollution in the US. A check of the local news reveals that state regulators have been dodging federal permit regulations for years and now a group of doctors have filed suit against the state siting their patient’s woes and continued complacency by the refineries.

SLC buffalo- The Coyles Discover North America - Land Rover Palm Beach

It’s not just refineries that asphyxiate the air. The near-by Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine is a gargantuan 18 square miles wide. This open pit copper mine adds dust and fumes to the hovering mire. One of the largest in the world, it is actually billed as a tourist attraction, imagine! You can go watch the massive machinery tear apart the land, but watch out. In 2013, an epic landslide occurred, the largest in US history that triggered a series of earthquakes. Luckily, no one was hurt as the mines seismic sensors warned of impending doom. In advance of the collapse, the popular Visitors Center perched on the rim was partially moved but reports remain dusty on its real fate. Other buildings and machinery were swept away to the pit’s basement. The Center remains closed today but you can take a virtual tour, probably a much safer plan! Utah has some of the most spectacular National Parks and wilderness areas but rumor has it the state wants to fast track another refinery right next to pristine Arches National Park (see DNA-X 2010 # 26). What do you think about that?

Antelope isl and lake- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm Beach

We take a look at the map for somewhere around the lake that is scenic. Happily, we find Antelope Island State Park, a 28,000-acre island surrounded by the lake where bison, deer, moose, antelope and Big Horn Sheep roam freely. A drive around the island also gives us a good look at the lake or what’s left of it. Approaching a historic low water mark because of a persistent drought, water diversions and use by mineral extraction, we can see hundreds of miles of lakebed exposed. The lake also is giving up some of her secrets, low water has revealed Brigham Young’s sunken boat the Timely Gull, not sure where she will make her new home.

Things do seem to operate differently here. Dinner at the hotel revealed an “open” bar with nothing in it. The beer list advertised Polygamy Porter as a popular choice but it was not allowed to be delivered until you were actually eating your food. The giant “Night Club” sign was prominently displayed but no one seemed to know anything about it. Hummm.

Blue had her morning at the spa and we made a beeline north for Idaho. We had our sights on the little known Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Volcanic activity here? It’s not something most people think of when the potato state is mentioned. But sure enough not so long ago, the state sat over a “hot spot” and volcanoes erupted sending ash and lava spewing over the landscape. The eruptions seem to occur every 2000 years and we are now past that mark since the last one. Geologists expect more eruptions here any time now! The park is stark, dramatic and the air is clean. Pushing on, we land in Ketchum for the night and pull in to the Knob Hill Inn. Welcoming staff and wonderful food are featured here. The area is also known as Sun Valley for the famous ski resort and user-friendly terrain.

COMoon tree - The Coyles Discover North America - Land Rover Palm Beach

Sawtooth Range ID- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm BeachThis is a beautiful area to explore and well worth the drive. North of Ketchum you can drive into the Sawtooth Wilderness and visit the little town of Stanley. Over 300 crystal clear lakes reflect the 10,000 foot high jagged Sawtooth peaks and many headwaters for rivers like the Salmon River begin here. Hiking, boating, fishing, camping, skiing, wildlife viewing and more await you.

The Discover North America crew was ready for more adventure. The dry, high desert of western Idaho stretched out before us. Pip, our co-pilot, pulled out the map and got the dart into launch position. He closed his eyes and…

– Nelia

– Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ ‘Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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DNA-X 2014 #7 Wyoming Safari


The dust, the ever-present western dust… that’s where we left off. We aim Blue north, down a dusty Colorado road and into Wyoming until we reach a favorite haunt, Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park, national forest lands and Yellowstone National Park frame this amazing valley. The Snake River and numerous tributaries course their way through this dramatic scenery. We land at the Wort Hotel in downtown Jackson to get some civilization and stock up once again on supplies.

deadend- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm Beach

Dust and off the grid left us with a pile of laundry in need of attention. Using any hotel laundry is off limits on this trip for economic reasons. By our calculations, it would be cheaper to buy new clothes instead! So, I find the nearest Laundromat in town and settle in for the duration. It appears that this venue is the local hangout where the free TV soccer game drew more fans than the laundry machines. The fact that a mop hadn’t been allowed in this place for years made it imperative to keep the now clean clothes quarantined! Mission accomplished and we head out to survey our next off the grid location. Requirements: high clearance 4-wheel drive only – check. Blue’s got this one. No cell/internet/phone – check. The relatives have been notified. Map/directions to the place – semi-check. We downloaded the “directions” and decided, since they were somewhat complicated, we would locate the first part of the trail so we wouldn’t waste time tomorrow.

We consult the GPS, IPad and paper map. We are trying to find historic Flat Creek Ranch, about 15 miles above Jackson, through the National Elk Refuge and beyond on a battered jeep trail. While exploring various dirt roads we get stopped by a local who announces we are way off on our directions. He advises us to “save the wear on your vehicle and call them to pick you up”. Hummm. Undeterred, we head back to town and have great meal at Trio about a block from the hotel.

Loaded up and ready to trek, we take the written directions and bag the electronics. As requested, we try to call the ranch as we enter the refuge so they know to go look for us if we don’t show up. No answer. Oh well, here we go! Dust flying behind us, we get to the forest service road where we leave regular vehicles behind. Then it’s “take the left trail, do NOT take the right trail, look for the lone pine tree on the right, stay straight, rock slide on the left, go slowly…etc” Progressively, the track worsens.  The one lane trail slants precariously toward the steep drop-off on the right. Numberless large rocks punctuate the potholes and fill the crusty tire tracks. You don’t want to meet anyone going the other way on this road. Suddenly we are in a blinding willow thicket with a stream rushing through it. “Little Africa” they call it, this fits the directions. On and up we go, passing cascading creeks and dense forest.

flatcreek lake horses- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm Beach

FCR sign- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm Beach

FC moose in camp- The Coyles Discover North America- Land Rover Palm Beach

At last we reach a dead-end and small cabins come into view. Beyond, is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.  Trout filled Flat Creek gently flows past the cabins and down toward Jackson.  Solar panels power the ranch with a back up generator. Our hosts Trey and Shelby show us to our restored, vintage cabin and point out the bear spray on the bedside table. “We’ve never had a problem but take it with you at all times, just in case…” Certainly looks like bear country! The stunning scenery is complemented by the equally impressive chef who cooks up three delicious meals a day and what ever else anyone wants. You can ride, fish, hike or just relax, all are perfect.


Our time went quickly here and departure day featured torrential rain. The other guests cringed. I wondered what “Little Africa” would look like today? Oh, that road…remember the dust?  Transformed, the dust was now treacherous mud, slick as ice. The road was part swamp and all quagmire, but we are lucky, we have Blue!

Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ ‘Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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Defender Drawn in Sand at Red Wharf Bay


Maurice Wilkes and his brother Spencer  imagined the first ever Land Rover in the sands of Red Wharf Bay. Watch this beautiful video recreate the Defender and capture the essence and spirit of Land Rover. The larger than life image is created in the midst of a race against the tide. Some might say only a  Land Rover could handle such a task with such grace and confidence.


DNA-X 2014 #6 The Back of the Beyond…

The Discover North America Expedition crew heads north and, yes, we are still in “mystery mode”. Where to next? We want to leave it all behind and find an off grid, off -road hideaway. Our trusty dart locates such a place in remote northern Colorado. It’s a long drive and we will have to stop in a not so remote favorite spot. We land in Boulder at the St Julian Hotel where the professional staff greets us like old friends. We have a visit with our son and enjoy some good eats at the hotel’s great restaurant, Jill’s.  We stock up on supplies as our destination is truly out there and aim Blue into the unknown.

Blue Rawah area

The road swerves its way north and soon we enter the glacial carved Cache la Poudre River Canyon (French for “the powder’s hiding place”- likely named by French trappers). Rugged and narrow, the canyon squeezes the Wild and Scenic La Poudre River through a series of crumbling cliffs that threaten to collapse at any moment on top of us. For 40 miles the road twists and the river tumbles as we keep an eye out for Colorado’s state mammal, the Big Horn Sheep that somehow likes to hang out in this rubble zone.

Poudre Canyon

Eventually, we turn off the pavement onto a long segment of gravel and dirt for a ride down a beautiful valley. Mountains frame the valley with the Rawah Wilderness Area and the Roosevelt National Forest. No cars are on this road and we wonder if we are in the right place? No cell service, no signs, and the GPS is getting skittish. Just keep going and hope, the sun will set in less than an hour. At last a ranch and a sign, we made it to the Rawah Guest Ranch. A few small cabins dot the property with the trout filled Big Laramie River coursing through it dodging thickets of willow.  This is “out there”! We find out the nearest town with gas is 52 miles away down the dirt road in Laramie, WY. The address(s) of the ranch has three different names for the “town” one of which is in Wyoming. So this is why the GPS was having a meltdown! The friendly staff showed us to our cabin next to the horse corral. Dinner family style will be at 7pm. The only sounds we hear now are an occasional horse whinny, the wind passing by the ponderosa pines and the distant howl of a coyote, peace at last! What you do here is up to you; fish, hike, ride or do nothing – it’s all good.

pet Burros

Blue’s gas gauge encouraged us to seek out the nearest pump even though we would burn up part of what we just put in to get back to the ranch. One of the guides suggested we head for Centennial, WY then on to the Snowy Range for some photo opportunities and hit the gas pump on the way back. The cell signal appeared as we neared Laramie and after a brief check-in with concerned relatives we headed west on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. Climbing slowly, passing through the old west town of Centennial, WY the road snakes though this sub-range of the Medicine Bow Mountains. Plains Indians once met here to gather a special wood they needed to make bows. While in the area they “made medicine” by enjoying the hot springs in near-by Saratoga. The Scenic Byway reaches 10,897 feet at its crest and true to it’s name can collect 12 feet of snow a year making it a popular winter sport destination. The upper part of this road is closed from mid-November to the end of May.

After a few days at the ranch, we make friends with the various pets roaming the property; the cat that wants to curl up on our bed, the 4 gregarious donkeys, several multi-sized dogs, numerous jetting hummingbirds, one not so wary trout and a few patient horses. The laid-back ranch life has recharged our batteries and it’s time to move on. Pip, our co-pilot dusts off the dart…oh yes, did I mention the dust?!


Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ ‘Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue”.

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DNA-X 2014 #5 There’s Gold in them thare Hills!


into the mts

The endless sea of cornfields faded behind us as the magnet of the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains pulled us closer. Snow capped even in summer, the range covers 3000 miles from Canada to New Mexico. Colorado’s patch of peaks has 53 that top out at over 14,000 feet. Up and up the road weaved its way skyward. Blue took on the challenge, happy to leave the flatlands and seek out some real off road terrain.

Our destination for a couple of nights was Aspen, base elevation: 8000 feet. Founded in the 1800’s as a silver mining camp, the town went through boom and bust. Last time I set foot here was in the 70’s when it was not fancy or famous and you could afford to hang out a while on just a few shekels. As of 2011, the cheapest property you could buy was an old trailer for $560,000.00. Most other abodes are in the multi-millions earning the town a moniker of the most expensive real estate in the country. This was not our first concern however as our route up to town was over the infamous Independence Pass, the highest paved road in Colorado. Paved sounds good, but this switch-backed trail climbs to over 12,000 feet and threads its way along narrow, sometimes single lane curves with, of course, no guardrails! Oh, and don’t forget the numerous rockslides, wildlife, petrified, white knuckled drivers, bikers, and the dreaded tour bus. Did I mention the weather? Don’t even think about doing this in bad weather and luckily the road is closed from early November to the end of May- whew!

Aspen rover

Captain Jay had been driving all day leaving the lowlands, climbing to over 12,000 feet, guiding Blue through the treacherous pass and finally into chic Aspen. While I checked into the historic Hotel Jerome, a handy jug of green water sat on the counter. What’s this I asked? A secret potion to assist in adapting to the high altitude said the clerk as she handed me a glass. Suddenly, the bellman appeared and asked if I had the car key? No…hummm…I head to the curb to find the Captain in a panic, Blue’s key is gone! LR owners know the slippery, keyless fob need only be in your pocket or nearby to operate the car. But if it’s not…well, the search party grew, as did the blood pressure and the altitude sickness! Blue sat curbside running, we knew the fob had to be somewhere close. If we can’t find it, Blue will have to be towed to the nearest LR dealer to be reprogrammed…$$$! After a long 15 minutes it was located under the seat where it had sneakily slipped. Following a night of recovery, a new plan was devised for the fob. Heads up to other explorers – bring a back up key on your trips (we didn’t) and find a way to securely attach the main fob to your body to prevent escape. We recommend a waterproof pouch, as the fob is not fond of water!
We explored beautiful Aspen the next day, vetoing any driving. There’s no shortage of upscale shops, swank restaurants, fancy furriers and pricy jewelry stores with gold overflowing out the door – no need to go mining around here, just bring plenty of plastic! The ski slopes sit right above town making it convenient for the snow bunnies. A quick glance at the real estate site Zillow revealed the latest “deals” for those who want to get cozy with the rich and famous – entry level shacks start at $3 million plus and go to the better side of town at $46 million, any takers? I think the realtors are mining this cache!


Mining in Colorado and the west has changed the land forever. Near Aspen there is the ghost town of Ashcroft in the Castle Creek valley. Once the home of the Ute Native Americans, prospectors arrived from the nearby silver and gold boomtown of Leadville, discovered silver and soon the town supported 2000 people. As quickly as things boomed they went bust. Up on Independence Pass, the town of Independence struck gold and again the boom went to bust. It is also a ghost town. When the gold and silver were mined out, prospectors moved on to other precious metals like lead, copper and other minerals. Most claims are on public land. Today, thanks to a 132-year-old law, the multi-national mining industry is not required to reimburse the public anything for the resources taken from our land. Mining continues with heavy equipment taking an extortionate toll on the environment.  Toxic acid mine drainage spews numerous heavy metals that continue to pollute rivers and ground water, air and land across the west. Estimates are that there are at least 550,000 abandoned mines in the west. Many have been declared Superfund sites and still need to be cleaned up. The nearby Climax mine in Leadville dismantled an entire mountain, inundated five miles of mountain valley in tailings, reworked an eight mile section of river drainage, created huge water treatment ponds and the list goes on. It closed and has reopened, still mining molybdenum today. Mining is dangerous business and untold lives have been lost in pursuit of underground riches. Then there’s mining for fossil fuels…

As we continued to explore Colorado, we looked for somewhere remote, not chic, with natural beauty and a healthy river running through it. Where Blue’s sure footing would come in handy, where the bears and the buffalo roam and the stars are endless at night…


Next Stop? Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading South Florida Land Rover dealership is pleased to feature Jay and Nelia Coyle as guest authors for the Land Rover Palm Beach blog. The Coyles’ ‘Discover North America Expedition has been featured on Interactive Land Rover.  Stay tuned for more adventures across North America in their 2013 Land Rover LR4 nicknamed “Blue” – See more at:
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